10 tips to manage personal finance – This is the apt document for the people looking for ways as how to manage the personal finances and save money in return. Please read further to know more.


Personal finance problems – It is important to look into the problems faced by countless people in order to manage the personal finances and in turn end up losing money. Please read further to know more. 


Tax saving through mutual funds – This is an important aspect of our financial planning since mutual funds are considered to be the most reliable source of making money as well dashing off the tax that is levied on the money that we earn. Read more to know more.


Mutual funds vs saving accounts – This is a nice contrasting article on mutual funds versus saving accounts. This dwells into which one we should opt for under what circumstances and why. Please read further to know more. 


Advantage of personal finance – Needless to say, it gives you right perspective about where to spend and when to spend. More than that it tells you where not to spend at all. This also provide financial stability to you and your loved ones. Please read further to know more advantages of this practice.

      Hello everyone! I am Charlie King. I am a hard core Singaporean    Investment Banker. I have done my schooling from here and went for higher studies to Pennsylvania, US where I studied Finance and Economic Science and completed my masters.


        After working for close to 10 years in this field I realized that there was no point working for others and decided to have my own setup. I talked to my school friends who were also there with me in the same stream and we made a group of 3 people including me.  


       Our financial consultancy firmed that we floated in the heart of Singapore started going well since the time of its inception and we became the known face in the world of finance and economic consultancy. 


       We also work for corporate houses and start-up companies to give those suggestions and right direction about where to invest and also provide suggestions on the marketing techniques and right avenues. 


       After learning so much from our experience over the last 20 years of time we decided to connect with wider audience and share our experiences, stories so as to encourage them, hear them, take criticism because there is no age of learning. We still feel that there is lot to achieve and that could come across only through the people and their way of working in other part of the globe.


Through this blog, we share articles and useful information from the financial sector and how it is growing in Singapore. In our authors list, we have renowned financial experts from the industry who add their views through these articles every 15 days. 


We also organize live sessions once a month and invite our experts from finance, economy and other similar industries to talk about the current market scenarios and what are the future scope of it especially for the people looking to build their career in this field. 


I request my readers to please provide your valuable feedback on these articles which would in turn help us further refine our thought process and deliver the better and much composed and organized articles in future to you.