If you’re a working Singaporean, you should not be new to the Skills Future Credit. The SkillsFuture Credit is a sum of money provided by the government to encourage you to take up courses that will benefit you in the long run. The credit can be used to pay or subsize your own learning. 


You see, the Singapore government is quite good in a sense that they are helping their citizens to improve on their skills and encourage them to learn as much as they can. Or what they call, Life-long learning. Learning doesn’t stop when you end school. Life is all about learning! 


So the thing is, what can you learn? 


There are a range of courses that you can learn. You can learn skills that will help you improve your job chances in the future, or learn soft skills that will help you rise up the rankings in your workplace. You can check out the range of skills available on Skills Future website. 


But the topic here is… 


What if there’s no Skills Future credits? Will you still learn? 


The credits is an initiative to kick start your learning. To help you subsidise some of the lesson fees. However, if you are familiar with the education market, there are an even wide range of courses that don’t fit the skills future criteria. In this scenario, do you still want to upgrade yourself? 


There are courses such as solution focused programs in Singapore that helps you to lead and communicate with your team better at the workplace, or leadership trainings that will help you become a better leader. 


It will be good if they fall under the Skills Future programs. But what if they aren’t? Are you going to learn and upgrade yourself? Or wait until there is credit available for those courses? The right away is to go for a course and upgrade yourself, regardless of subsidises or not. You have to look at the objectives you want to achieve. You want to become a better leader, so you have to attend a course to upgrade yourself to become a better leader !



We hope this short message will help you decide on the right courses to attend - even if there’s no Skills Future! 


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